Welcome to Creative Joose. I'm Bianca, a 26 year old web designer from Montreal, Canada. I have over 6 years of solid experience in the web industry with a proficiency for visual design and front-end code. Over the years, I've had the opportunity of working with multiple web agencies, a leading Canadian fashion retailer, and countless other sites for both large and small companies. I currently maintain an online writing community that I founded in 2004. I also work as a freelance web designer and enjoy keeping up with the latest web trends. 

My knowledge and fresh approach to web design allows me to provide clients with websites that not only look great, but also have the usability and functionality that is required to sustain a successful online business. My goal is always to produce a site that is impressive, productive, and cost-effective. Whether you are looking to build an e-commerce store, a personal site, or an informational corporate website, I would be honored to work with you on your project.

graphic design
e-commerce Stores
content management

Webcor Inc.
Custom Web Design, Content Management System, Flash Intro
In Progress
Project Listing Page
Contact Page

Heritage Travel
Web Design, CMS, Booking Engine Customizations, E-Commerce
In Progress: http://www.heritagetravelonline.com
Dynamic product listing page w/ online reservations and bookings
Contact Page with form

Oceana Tours
Custom Web Design, Members Area, Promotional/Product Ads
Completed: http://www.oceanatours.com
Company Profile Page
Members Area for Travel Agents

Green Earth Co.
Web Design Layout for Eco Friendly Site

Paramore Fan Site
Web Design Layout for a Paramore Fan Site

Software Company
Web Design Layout for Software Company

Uptown Catering
Web Design Layout for Catering Service

Applicator Store
Web Design Layout for Cosmetic Store.

Groupe Dynamite
Web Design layout for the Groupe Dynamite Corporate site

Article Sandbox
Web Design, Logo Design, Script Customization
Completed: http://www.articlesandbox.com

Flower Shop
Web Design Layout for Flower Shop

Web Design, Community Development, Forum Integration, E-Commerce Shop
Completed: http://www.writers-network.com
Shopping Cart: Product Listing Page

Travel Agency
Web Design Layout Option for Travel Agency

Music Companion
Web Design Layout for Radio Station

The Wedding Talk
Web Design Layout for Wedding Announcement Site
Completed: http://www.theweddingtalk.com

Jewish Community Portal
Web Design Layout for redesign of online Jewish Community Portal
In Progress: http://www.worldrabbi.com

Personal Blog Site
Web Design Layout for a Personal Blog Site

Southern Winery
Web Design Layout for a Winery

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